SailPass Introductory Membership

SailPass is a scheme to encourage people to go sailing.  Australian Sailing explains that:

SailPass is a means by which a non-member can go sailing at your club – it’s a form of introductory or short-term membership for a day or days. It offers safe, quick, easy and affordable access to sailing. It breaks down the perceived barriers to sailing.

PMYC encourages non-members to come and give sailing a go at Port Melbourne - we are confident that you will be keen to carry on once you have experienced the delights of sailing out on the water.

So PMYC offers SailPass:

* Up to six days sailing at PMYC for $10 a day

Once you have completed up to these six days out on the water we would welcome you as a new member.

Come and introduce yourself to us up in the Club-house to book your SailPass opportunities and experience the pleasure of dinghy sailing on Port Philip Bay at Port Melbourne Yacht Club.

Register for your SailPass Here. 


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